A1900 A1900 Fragment Separator NSCL

A1900 Electronics, Data Acquisition, and Data Analysis

The electronics setup for the standard A1900 detectors is treated as a permanent installation since it must stay ready to provide reliable A1900 support for NSCL experiments.

Most signals from the A1900 detectors are fed through two 16-channel amplifier-ADC chains. Several unused channels are available to accommodate auxiliary detectors without the need to modify the timing and trigger electronics.

The electronics setup features computer-selectable options for setting the trigger and timing. The standard trigger options include:

The electronics setup includes four TACs for generating timing spectra as described in the table below:

TAC1 selectable I2 scintillator north
TAC2 selectable I2 scintillator south
TAC3 selectable cyclotron RF
TAC4 FP scintilator south cyclotron RF

The selectable start signals can be set for all channels either to:

  1. FP PIN
  2. FP scintillator north
  3. XF scintillator.

A fifth TAC, TAC5, is used to generate position information from the I2 scintillator based on the timing difference for light signals to reach the two sides of the detector.

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