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A1900 Fragment Identification

Fragment identification in the A1900 is based on the observation of energy loss, total energy, and time-of-flight for particles reaching the focal plane. Energy loss is measured with the thin focal plane silicon PIN detector. Total energy is measured with the thick focal plane scintillator. Time-of-flight is measured on the basis of time differences observed either (1) between the timing signal from the thick focal plane scintillator and the RF signal from the cyclotron or (2) between the timing signals from the thick focal plane scintillator and the thin scintillator at Image 2.

The program LISE++ is used to simulate A1900 settings in terms of which fragments are produced in the target, which of these reach the focal plane, and the physical characteristics as observed in the detectors of the fragments reaching the focal plane. It is an essential tool for carrying out particle identification.

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