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A1900 Terminology

Primary Beam:
the beam from the cyclotron
Secondary Beam:
the fragment beam (or fragment cocktail beam) from the A1900
Target (TA) Position:
the object point of the A1900; the location where fragments are generated when the beam strikes a target inserted into the beam (see schematic)
Image 1 (I1), Image 2 (I2), and Image 3 (I3):
focal points within the A1900 – see schematic; detectors, slits, wedges, and viewers are typically placed at these locations
Focal Plane (FP):
the final image position within the A1900 – see schematic; detectors located here are used to identify and measure rates of fragments transmitted by the A1900
Segment 0:
the beamline magnets between the K1200 cyclotron and the A1900 target position
Segment 1:
the section of the A1900 between the target position and I1
Segment 2:
the section of the A1900 between I1 and I2
Segment 3:
the section of the A1900 between I2 and I3
Segment 4:
the section of the A1900 between I3 and the focal plane
Bρ1, Bρ2, Bρ3, and Bρ4:
the rigidities corresponding to segments 1–4, respectively
Wedge Degrader:
a wedge-shaped sheet of material placed in the path of the fragments to enhance the purity of the isotopes transported by the A1900; a list of commonly used wedges is availible in the A1900 Service Level Description (PDF)
the graphical user interface application used for high-level control of the cyclotrons, the A1900, and the beamlines
the program running “behind the scenes” that sets magnet currents according to user input into Barney
Barney Saveset:
a text file that Barney generates (at the request of the user) which documents the settings of the A1900 and beamline hardware; Barney savesets are posted on the A1900 web; a paper printout is also generated whenever a saveset is made

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