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About CSG

National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL) is a world leader in rare isotope research and nuclear science education. NSCL scientists and researchers conduct advanced research in fundamental nuclear science, nuclear astrophysics, and accelerator physics. To facilitate the research, NSCL operates multiple particle accelerators. The various components of the accelerators - ion sources, cyclotrons, beam lines, experimental devices, and auxiliary equipment - are controlled through the Control System (CS). The CS is a mix of hardware devices, databases, and software programs, and is essential to the operation of the accelerator facility. The Controls Software Group (CSG) at NSCL provides software development, support, and consulting services relevant to the labís control system.


NSCL EPICS modules/extentions (Contact: John A. Priller)
  • SNMP device driver: Latest re-write of NSCL/FRIB SNMP driver.

    Download source:epics-snmp-

    Documentation:devSnmp.html Fix bug where OIDs can be polled no slower than PassivePollMSec. Incorporate bug-fixes and device support module for nVent Smart Gateway Protect (SGP) devices from Dmitry Bazhenov. Add CheckRanges parameter to devSnmpSetParam. Fix net-snmp assuming callback_magic is pointer to struct synch_state. Add code to support SNMPv3, IOC shell calls to set SNMPv3 security parameters. Address some minor memory leaks found by valgrind, add sanity check to prevent record processing after at-exit called and memory is freed. Add 'R' (RVAL) special_flag. Production release. Fix for epicsScanDouble behavior change in R3.15.

    RC9: Fix for problem with iocsh commands registration in static builds (patch thanks to Jane Richards at TRIUMF).

    RC8: Exposed SessionRetries and SessionTimeouts as parameters to devSnmpSetParam. Increased default timeout from 300000 usec (0.3 seconds) to 1000000 usec (1 second) on advice from Jim Thomas, to better handle sporadic timeouts seen with some ISEG crates. Unknown as yet whether changing these on-the-fly will have any effect after communication to remote hosts has begun, feedback appreciated.

    RC7: Bug fixes.

    RC6: Defensive code added to combat problems with devices not returning correct variable list, other improvements. Support for expansion of environment variables in INP/OUT lines, some tweaks for OSX compilation and a Wiener crate app provided by Eric Norum (thanks!)

  • HTTP information server for IOCs.

    Download source:infoServ-

    Documentation:infoServ.html found/fixed memmove past bounds in infoServ_JSONEscape() found/fixed memory leak

  • OpenOffice interface: OpenOffice "UNO" interface to EPICS (OpenOffice 3.2 or greater). Read-only "get" access to PVs, No "put" capability at this time. Builds under Windows, Linux, Mac OSX. Requires OpenOffice SDK, downloadable for various platforms here. Windows compilation requires MSVC++ (a mingw alternative is being explored), gnumake.exe and zip.exe (or modifying the Makefile to use alternatives).

    Download source:OpenOffice-nscl-0.8.2.tgz

Embedded Software

DEBROS: A Linux/UNIX-like RTOS for Rabbit 2000 and 3000 SBCs and Core Modules. (Contact: Mark A. Davis)

Currently running on over 220 of our embedded controllers. (NOTE: Now includes an EPICS CA server!)


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