(p,d) and (d,p) Reaction Database





This database of (p,d) and (d,p) reactions is compiled by the HiRA Group at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory at Michigan State University. It is an ongoing project.

Most data files are digitized from published figures. Only the CH89 calculations are posted here. No spectroscopic factors have been applied to the calculations. Each file contains the reaction element and type, reaction energy, theta and dsigma/domega values, and references. Files are grouped by reaction and target isotope and are listed in ascending order by reaction energy. 

Each file will open up in a new window. When viewing a file, click File --> Save As to save the text file to your computer. Email tsang@nscl.msu.edu if you have any problems or questions.

Start by clicking either the "(p,d)" or "(d,p)" link in the title above.

NOTE: When you go to save a file, all periods (.) that are used as decimal points in the energy section of the file name will turn into underscores(_). For example, "12Cdp_4.5_Bonner.txt" becomes "12Cdp_4_5_Bonner.txt".

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