About the network code

libnucnet is a network calculation code developed at Clemson University by Brad Meyer and his collaborators. It is available under the GNU General Public License. Information about the code can be found on the Webnucleo.org - official website of the nuclear astrophysics group at Clemson University.

NucNet-Tools is a set of tools for preparing the input data, running the calculations as well as analazyng the data and plotting the results. Our group uses this code, combined with additional programs that are specific to our calculations, to investigate production of p-nuclei and sensitivity of the p-nuclei abundances to the nuclear reaction rates.

This website contain basic information on how to run the code and use our analysis scripts. Sample results of our work are shown in the results section.

How to install

First be sure to install the Boost C++ libraries appropriate for your operating system, as described in http://sourceforge.net/u/mbradle/wiki/tutorials/. Check out the NucNet Tools with a command:

This will create a folder nucnet-tools-code and download from the svn source all available files. Next, change into the nucnet-toolscode/examples/network directory and make the single zone network code:

This will download necessary files and compile them. It will leave you with an executable run_single_zone. Now you need the data. Type:

This will download data to data_pub. Now change to the analysis directory and make the analysis codes:

To update the NucNet-Tools, go to the nucnet-tools-code directory and run svn update procedure: