What is the SπRIT TPC?

SAMURAI Pion Reconstruction and Ion Tracker Time Projecting Chamber (SπRIT TPC)

The SπRIT Time-Projection Chamber is a detector to take 3d picture of nuclear collisions. The box called the "Field Cage" contains gas and produces a constant electric field. When a particle flies through the field cage, electrons are knocked off the gas molecules, leaving a trail of electrons. The constant electric field causes the electrons to drift up to a two-dimensional pixel array, called the pad plane. The electrons are detected on the pad plane, creating a set two-dimensional image of their tracks. The time at which individual pads detect the signal can be used to determine the third dimension, creating a three-dimensional picture of how the particles move through the detector.
The SpiRIT TPC is funded by the Department of Energy as part of the Symmetry Energy Project.
TPC exploded view
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