Working group: Nature of Dilute and Dense Nuclear Matter and the Equation of State
Conveners: Chuck Horowitz, Joe Natowitz, Lee Sobotka, Betty Tsang

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Dear Colleagues

We are soliciting your input to the new Nuclear Physics Long Range Plan on "Nature of Dilute and Dense Nuclear Matter and the Equation of State" which meets on Friday, Aug 22, 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM. For your information, a related working group (WG) session on "Neutron Stars Science, Experiments and Theory" is scheduled on Friday afternoon, 15:00 - 16:30. Future correspondence will be limited to those who sign up for either one of the WGs and those who contact us.

In recent conferences such as ICNT13, NuSYM13, and NuSYM14, progress in constraining the symmetry energy at subsaturation density and experimental programs to extract constraints at supranormal density as well as linking our physics to other communities including astrophysics and nuclear structure has been extensively discussed. After ICNT13, NuSYM13, a review paper on "A way forward in the study of the symmetry energy: experiment, theory, and observation" has been published in J. of Phys. G. (ArXiv link).

In our web site listed above, we have provided links to the talks from the above meetings as well as the review paper. The website also contains information related to this WG. Please check the site for updates on meeting room and presentation schedules.

We would like to devote our time to discuss our section of the white paper which would provide input to the LRP. We encourage contributions of short presentations (~5 minutes) at the WG session on new results or physics opportunities not discussed in recent conferences. Please let us know by August 8, if you would like to contribute a short presentation. Titles should be sent to tsang@nscl.msu.edu or anyone of us. Comments and ideas are also welcome.

Best wishes from the conveners

Betty Tsang , Chuck Horowitz , Joe Natowitz and Lee Sobotka.




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