Working group: Nature of Dilute and Dense Nuclear Matter and the Equation of State
Conveners: Chuck Horowitz, Joe Natowitz, Lee Sobotka, Betty Tsang

Town Meeting Texas 2014
Program , 1st and 2nd Announcement

Status of Planning for the 2015 NSAC Long Range Plan

Charge to NSAC by T. Hallman

Astrophysics White Paper

ECT Neutrinosphere Workshop Report 2014

Symmetry Energy: A way forward: JoPG, ArXiv

NuSYM'14 Talks

NuSYM'13 Talks

ICNT'13 Talks

Town Meeting 2007: Program and White Paper

2013 Meeting and Summary

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Mark Riley Florida State University
Zach Kohley NSCL/MSU
Sanjay Reddy Institute for Nuclear Theory, Univ. of Washington
David Dean ORNL
Lee Sobotka Washington University
Alan McIntosh Texas A&M University
Bao-An Li Texas A&M University-Commerce
Ani Aprahamian University of Notre Dame
Michael Wiescher University of Notre Dame
John Arrington Argonne National Laboratory
Zhaozhong Shi University of California, Berkeley
Betty Tsang Michigan State University
Jon Barney NSCL
Dominic Rossi NSCL/MSU
William Lynch Michigan State University
Joseph Natowitz Texas A&M University
Bogdan Mihaila National Science Foundation
Zbigniew Chajecki NSCL/MSU
aldo bonasera cyclotron institute, Texas A&M
Hua Zheng Cyclotron Institute, Texas A&M University
Romualdo deSouza Indiana University
William Briscoe The George Washington University
Mike Youngs TAMU-Cyclotron Institute
Kris Hagel Cyclotron Institute, Texas A & M University
Lauren Heilborn Texas A&M Cyclotron Institute
Giuseppe Verde INFN Sezione di Catania
Robert Michaels Jefferson Lab
Gabriel Tabacaru Cyclotron Institute, Texas A&M University
Carlos Bertulani Texas A&M University-Commerce
Alessandro Lovato Argonne National Laboratory
Justin Mabiala Texas A&M University
Willem Dickhoff Washington University in St. Louis
Sylvie Hudan Indiana University
William Newton Texas A&M University-Commerce
Pawel Danielewicz NSCL/Cyclotron Lab, Michigan State U
Xiao-Hua Li Texas A&M University-Commerce
Wen-Jun Guo Texas A&M University-Commerce
Farrooh Fattoyev Texas A&M University-Commerce
Marina Barbui Cyclotron Institute, TAMU
Baojun Cai Texas A&M Commerce
Charles Horowitz Indiana University
Martin Savage Institute for Nuclear Theory
Suwat Tangwancharoen Michigan State Universit
Shalom Shlomo Texas A&M University




1st Announcement

2nd Announcement

Neutron Star and Dense Matter Working Group

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