Working group: Nature of Dilute and Dense Nuclear Matter and the Equation of State
Conveners: Chuck Horowitz, Joe Natowitz, Lee Sobotka, Betty Tsang

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Dear Colleagues

Just a reminder that tomorrow (August 8) is the deadline for letting us know if you would submit a contribution to the Working Group on the "Nature of Dilute and Dense Nuclear Matter and the Equation of State" of the Nuclear Physics town meeting. I would like to encourage every presenter to limit their slides to 3 after the example of the nuclear theory WG; one slide to highlight the physics area, one to address the current status, and one for future prospects and needs. Maximum presentation time is 4 min plus 1 min for Q&A. Examples can be found at https://groups.nscl.msu.edu/hira/meetings/LECM_EOS_2014/program.html

Please send pdf or ppt (optional) files to chajecki@nscl.msu.edu who will post the slides on our web site (https://groups.nscl.msu.edu/hira/meetings/LECM_EOS_2014/). Since we want to solicit input for the Long Range Plan from as many scientists in the community as possible, you can submit a 3 slide contribution even if you cannot present it in person.

The deadline for submitting presentation files is Thursday, August 14, 2014. We will arrange the contributions to facilitate a more logical presentation order. The presentation files will be combined into a master pdf file. To avoid confusions and to save time, only slides uploaded to this master file in the working group session computer will be presented. We will not switch computers during the session or accept contributions at the last minute. Outlines for the working group report, partly based on the contributions, will be posted on the website before the meeting. Please check for updates.

Thank you for your understanding,

Betty Tsang , Chuck Horowitz , Joe Natowitz and Lee Sobotka.




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