Working group: Nature of Dilute and Dense Nuclear Matter and the Equation of State
Conveners: Chuck Horowitz, Joe Natowitz, Lee Sobotka, Betty Tsang

Town Meeting Texas 2014
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Status of Planning for the 2015 NSAC Long Range Plan

Charge to NSAC by T. Hallman

Astrophysics White Paper

ECT Neutrinosphere Workshop Report 2014

Symmetry Energy: A way forward: JoPG, ArXiv

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Town Meeting 2007: Program and White Paper

2013 Meeting and Summary

Program, 5-minute contributions:

1.Romualdo de Souza Sub-barrier fusion with N/Z exotic beams of light nuclei, PDF
2.Sylvie Hudan Probing the density dependence of the symmetry energy with the binary breakup of a projectile, PDF
3.Kris Hagel Exploring the Low Density Nuclear Equation of State, PDF
4.Alan McIntosh Exploring the Nuclear EOS for Asymmetric Systems, PPTx
5.Zbigniew Chajecki Scaling properties of light-cluster production, PDF, PPTx
6.Zach Kohley EoS at sub- and supra-densities from heavy-ion collisions, PDF
7.Mike Youngs Effective Nucleon Masses in Compressed and Expanding Neutron-Rich Matter, PDF, PPTx
8.Alex Brown Neutron EOS and Symmetry Energy?, PPT, PDF
9.Robert Michaels PREX and CREX experiments -- parity-violating electron scattering from 208Pb and 48Ca , PDF, PPTx
10.Bill Briscoe Coherent pion photoproduction , PDF
11.Lee Sobotka EoS & surface clustering - DOM SF's - reduced alpha widths - (d,6Li), PPTx, PDF
12.John Arrington Studies of high-density clusters in nuclei at Jefferson Lab, PDF, PPTx
13.Jun Hong Sensitivity of pion production to the symmetry energy, PDF
14.Hua ZhengDensity and temperature from quantum thermometer, PDF
15.Pawel DanielewiczSupport for Phenomenology, PDF

Slides not for presentations but relevant to the working group

1.Stefano Gandolfi Properties of dense nucleonic matter, PDF
2.Jorge Piekarewicz Equation of State of Neutron Star Matter, PDF
3.Bulac-Forbes NeutronStarCrustStructureandDynamics, PDF
4.Dickhoff Nuclear matter saturation issues, PDF
5.Holt-Bulgac http://www.lecmeeting.org/theory/Bulgac-Holt-Wlazlowski-Roche_QMC.pdf, PDF

Please, email Betty Tsang (tsang@nscl.msu.edu) if you have any comments/suggestions regarding the program.




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Neutron Star and Dense Matter Working Group

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